“What has the deepest and most permanent effect upon oneself and one’s way of living is the house in which one lives…it determines the day-to-day, minute-to minute quality, colour, atmosphere, pace of one’s life; it is the framework of what one does, of what one can do, of one’s relations with people…” Leonard Wolf

The spaces we inhabit matter. They have a profound effect on us - how we feel and behave in them. Buildings are the crucibles in which we grow, learn and work; interiors the sets against which life unfolds.

We believe that architecture and interiors have the power and potential to enhance the timeless activities of domestic life. It’s not just about aesthetics, the visceral experience is never to be underestimated and is something we consider throughout the design process. Having established a reputation for highly refined design, exceptional customer service and a knack with tricky planning applications, we’re proud to have built up a portfolio of some of the finest houses in the West Country.