Devon Interior Designers Woodford Architecture and Interiors were invited to submit plans for a mixed use development in Cornwall to provide a modular space solution for a variety of potential users, from offices to artist studios. Their proposal for the studios is to suspended them within a continuous structural frame that weaves through the site, blurring the boundaries between landscape and studio. Enclosures, openings and terraces are formed by panels of wood and glass that slip between, over, and through the frame as it meanders among trees, emphasizing closeness and connection to the landscape.

The studios have skilfully developed to create an outstanding and innovative design that takes full advantage of the site topography and embraces the ecological principle of ‘touching the earth lightly’. The orientation of the studios is an optimised response to the natural boundaries of the site, visibility in the landscape, plan arrangement, available views, solar access and the microclimate. Sustainability, energy performance and consideration of the embodied energy within materials were guiding principles for the design of the building and selection of materials.