We have developed plans for a carbon negative home that seeks to reinforce Dartmoor’s sense of place and respond to the outstanding setting in Dartmoor National Park.

The contemporary design draws on the distinctiveness of Dartmoor’s landscape and buildings and takes its cue from traditional materials used in an innovative way to create a sensitive low impact contemporary design. We created a plan that is simple in form and looks to settle the house into its moorland setting. The house with its undulating and biodiverse green roof which includes undulating substrates, piles of stone and dead wood, bare sandy areas and dew ponds and connects the building to the natural folds and topography of the landscape.

We have demonstrated that there will be Biodiversity Net Gain, with gains of + 20.16% for Habitat and + 22.78% for Hedgerows. We have proposed using recycled building materials and locally sourced construction materials that can be recycled, are biodegradable and non-polluting including UK produced Brimstone timber and we hope to be able to use timber from the existing woodland to form the glulam structural beams and non-structural timbers.

This is a project that resonates the highest sustainability and architectural standards.